Can I limit the file size in an Upload widget?
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Hi there.

I was wondering if there's a way to limit the size of the Image/File that the user can upload through an Upload widget?

Thanks in advance.

If you use this forge component you can set the MaxFileSize:

Hello Yizuhi ,

Is you can Limit while uploading, but it is not possible with outsystems Upload widget.You need to install the new Component Namely Reactive Multiple File Upload which is suggest by jose ,I also used that component , it is not mandatory.but it is not working with traditional.


Akshay Deshpande

Hi Yizuhi,

Please go through this link,

May it help to solve your problem 




Hi Yizuhi,

In my case, in the screen actions, we can put a check using BinaryDataSize function as the following

BinaryDataSize(UploadWidget.Content) > (Site.FileUploadMaxSizeMB * 1000000)

Hope it helps

Where this BinaryDataSize function is available?


Thanks Again. I Found It!

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