[IdP] IdP Authentication with [Azure AD/ADFS] was Fail.
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Hello Everyone, 

Now I want to use [Azure AD/ADFS] authentication in my phone application using [Idp Mobile component]. As implementation,  pass username and password from UI to [Idp Mobile component] -> IdPIntegratedLogin(Client Action). But the authentication was fail. When I debug the error, occured in [IdP component] -> REST -> SamlLogin. Detail see in image. 

Please give me advice, what is wrong in my application or my implementation. In Adding, my current Azure account is free trial  version. Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks and Regards,

Zwe Mann

Hi Zwe Mann,

Kindly check on this, hopefully this will give you guidance on this. And I think no issue if it's a free subscription since I did that when I also studying Idp component. Also I assume that you approriately configured the callback.


Thank you and kind regards..

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