Guide how to create detail page that allow multiple products to be captured in sales
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Kindly guide me on how to create a detail page that allow multiple products to be captured.

My App is a sales management App.

I want a situation where i can add all products purchased by a customer on a single detail page. Each detail page should be by customer and not by products.


A customer purchased the following items on a certain day

1. Toyota Corolla

2. Benz

3. Prado Jeep

My question 

How do  design my detail page to capture all the above purchased items in one single detail page ? Captured in a way that after clicking save, each item will appear on their individual rows on sales table. Thanks 


Hi Harrison,

You will need to create a Many-to-Many Relationship between Customer and Item entities (for example table Customer_Item). For that you can check this: Create a Many-to-Many Relationship

Then you need to create a screen where you list all the items that belong to the customer. On the preparation use an Aggregate with an inner join between the tables Customer_Item and Item

with the filter Custome_Item. CustomerId = CustomerId (input parameter of the web screen).

The result should be something like this:


Hello Hugo, i deeply appreciate your response. Thanks
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