Input field unfocused in popup
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11.10.1 (Build 23852)

Guys, I'm having a problem with the popup, I use popups to edit / include data, but when the popup opens and I try to type something in any input field, it loses focus to type the next letter I have to keep clicking on it . Before there was no problem, it started last week. 

I even created a new application thinking it was my current one, but the new one also has the problem.

In the example I sent I even implemented an answer given a similar problem, which is to focus on js, but you can't keep doing this workaround for all input fields, the popup has to work right.

To check, remove the onchange from the input field. 





I have checked your module (with and without onchange event on input) and it is working fine. I can enter letters in the input without the need of clicking after every letter.


Hi Clayton,

Is your server on premise http server behind a https load balancer?

I encountered some popup loading issue in the on premise server behind a load balancer. I did not encounter the issue when i used outsystems cloud server. 

In my on premise server, I checked the browser console some security error is blocked , it seems the popup is loaded in a http if i go to another screen within the same popup.

I rectified the issue by doing ajax screen refresh to display/hide the container instead of go to another screen destination.

Hope it helps

I am using the free account from outsystems and up to two weeks ago it worked. I also tested on chrome and edge, same problem. You said you did it differently, how was it?


Can you please go through the following link,

It may help you,

King regards,

In addition to previous answer, please check this post same as your issue,



Komal how are you? I had already seen these discussions, I even used the widget-popu-focus, which worked, but see that I will need to do this for each field in the popup, and the input should work normally

Yes you need to apply that in your each input field , and it will work normally ,

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