Service Studio broken
Service Studio Version
11.10.15 (Build 40206)


I'm having problems in the service studio since Friday, when I open an eSpace I can't see the UIflow, in widjet or action,  the Service Studio gets slow and then ends up blocking and giving me critical error.

I already remove de Service Studio and install but the problem persist.

By the way this problem only appear in my PC, i tested on my computer colleagues and works fine. 

Any idea?

Hi Daniel Rodrigues

Seems that you are not using the last stable version.

Uninstall that one and Try this


Gonçalo Almeida

sry, i'm using 11.10.15 (Build 40206) 

Did you check the service center if there is some error related to the service studio?

I had a similar problem and the way that I solved was to uninstall the current version and install a previows one. As service studio as auto-update, so will update automatically to the last version stable.


Gonçalo Almeida



yesterday (Monday 22 march) there were several internet issues causing also OutSystems public pages  and overall internet connection to be unstable.t

are you still experiencing the same issues?



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