Why default Change and Deploy role is required to deploy applications with extensions

We have multiple development teams within our org.  We have restricted their access by adding applications within individual teams. 

The team members are unable to deploy any applications which has certain extensions and integration to external database. As per OutSystems, a role with Change and Deploy access need to provide as default role.

But giving Change and Deploy as a default role, we cannot restrict the developer to his team. This developer can access and deploy applications assigned to other teams.

Please suggest which role we should assign as default so they do not change and deploy application for other development team.


Hi Amol,

Sorry, I do not get what is your issue exactly, You can set what Application you can manage on the team.

Why team members can deploy applications for another development team.

Also please refer to the link below to understand how to set up it user and team.


Kind Regards,

Hello Tom,

We have 2 development teams. We want to restrict access so that the team members from one team cannot make any changes to applications from other team.

But giving the member default access as "Change and Deploy" breaches the conditions. This level of access is required to deploy any applications which has certain extensions and integration to external database.

As the the following article, we are forced to give default access rather than on the team level access - 



Hi Amol Mane

Check this path regarding users and roles configuration https://www.outsystems.com/training/courses/94/infrastructure-management/?LearningPathId=17


Gonçalo Almeida

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