Distinct value dropdown
Service Studio Version
11.10.14 (Build 39594)

Hello everybody,

I want to develop a filtered research thanks to lot of dropdown (approximately 80 dropdown).

It's work fine but all dropdowns give duplicate values and i don't want that! I would like to get the distinct values without create 80th client action.

I managed to recover the distinct values of every dropdown thanks a client action with input parameter and list sort and list item remove. But when i click on a dropdown, the previous dropdown values is deleted because my list change.

Do you know how to get distinct values without create a special action client for each dropdown ?

Can you help me please ?

Thanks a lot! Have a good day!

Julien (Reactive App)


Hello Julien.

Do you have 80 variables to save what was selected, or a list?

If you have 80 variables, you need to create an input (dropdown9 for each and that will make it easier to use a different action for each.

If you are using a list, you can create a block where you pick one, add it to the list, and refresh the dropdown to ignore the entries already on list.

Hello Nuno,

Currently i am using 80 variables. One for each dropdown.

But my issue isn't here. The issue is that the dropdown doesn't give DISTINCT values.


If your condition were "values that are not in any variable" it wouldn't show its own value. So, by using 80 variables, you need to check the values in 79 different variables. That's 79 different queries.

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