Migration path for OutsystemsUIMobileBase to OutsystemsUI

Hi all,

Is there documentation on how to migrate apps that use the OSUIMobileBase theme to OutsystemsUI theme?

Since react, mobile and tablet apps share this common theme, we're looking to move existing apps to use it.

Does anyone know if they'll stop using this or change to something else in the near future?

For anyone who has done this please let me know if there are any major things I need to consider before the move



Hi Janet,

As far as I know OutSystems UI mobile got renamed to OutSystems UI when reactive Webb application type was introduced and there should be no issues moving from OutSystems UI mobile to OutSystems UI as they are the same application, just renamed.



Hi Daniël,

I've noticed that OutsystemsUI does not have all the style classes available in OSUIMobileBase.

For example, 

So if these classes were referenced the style will not apply. I guess what I'm going to have to do is go through and replace such style classes with OSUI equivalents. 



Hi Janet.

Unfortunately, you are right... I faced the same problem with some margins and paddings and to solve this was replaced those CSS.


Gonçalo Almeida

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