[JMeter Stress Test] 405 - POST Method not allowed
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.15 (Build 40206)

Hello, I am attempting to set up stress tests on a Mobile application using JMeter. I have watched the Webinar: How to Set Up a Load Test in 5 Minutes Course - Training | OutSystems . I have also tried exposing the API in Outsystems Service Studio, then using JMeter to call the API.

However, I am receiving the error 405 - Method not allowed. I tried sending a simple POST request using Postman. The Headers indicate that POST is not allowed, and the Content-Type is being read as text/html instead of application/json (see image below). 

I have tried a POST request to our Traditional Web app and I am able to get through, so I am only experiencing this on our Mobile app. 

Would anyone have ideas on why this is happening? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions and insights!

Apache JMeter version 5.4.1


Hi Ruth,

Are you able to send simple post request using the POST url in http?

In my case, i encountered similar issue before because i exposed the API in http. 

Hope it helps

Hi ronny, thanks for getting back to me! I'm sending POST requests with the url in https. Is there a different configuration if my application is using https?


Hi Ruth,

I think you need to turn on Use HTTPS for internal communications in your Global Deployment Zone.

Not sure whether your issue is similar


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