Button Loading widget width adjustment
Service Studio Version
11.10.15 (Build 40206)

Dear all,

As a subject, how can I adjust the Button Loading button width (e.g. in mobile view How can I fill up in the whole row?

Dick Leung

Hi Dick,

Please provide the screen shot of your issue to understand correctly, 

For changing the width height you can use style property of widget, here,




Hi Dick,

After selecting the Button widget, you can go to tab Styles and choose the option Fill for Width:

Additionally, if you want to have different behaviors between device type (phone, tablet or desktop), you can use the OutSystemsUI functions IsPhone, IsTablet (...) on an If and display different widgets or different widgets with different styles (for instance, I imagine you want to keep it as it is if the user is accessing it via a Desktop and you want to set the Width to Fill for Mobile).

You can also achieve different styles for phone / tablet / desktop only with CSS.

Kind Regards,


I think Dick is talking about this widget

Just enclose the buttoLoading widget in a container and change the width of that container.
Create a class:

 width: -webkit-fill-available;   

And add the class to the extendedClass attribute of the widget

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