Profits of Last Month, Date operations
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.16 (Build 40208)
Platform Version
11.11.2 (Build 28863)

I'm trying to get the profits of the last month, but I'm having problems with the date operations.
Does anyone know what the problem might be ?

Thanks in advance !

the code should get me the dates of last month.

DiffMinutes(Basket.DateTime,NewDateTime( Year(CurrDate()), Month(CurrDate()), 1,0,0,0))>1 and
DiffMinutes(Basket.DateTime,AddMonths(NewDateTime( Year(CurrDate()), Month(CurrDate()), 1,0,0,0),-1))<1

Hi Kalmar,

You can do:

DateTimeToDate(Basket.DateTime) <= DateTimeToDate(AddDays(NewDate(1,Month(CurrDate()), Year(CurrDate())),-1)) and
DateTimeToDate(Basket.DateTime) >= NewDate(1, Month(AddMonths(CurrDate(), -1)), Year(AddMonths(CurrDate(), -1)))

The first condition checks the last day of the previous month and the second condition the first day of the previous month.

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Well this is not working either, there was an error with parameter order, but thanks anyway. I'll keep trying.



My mistake. I had set my dates with day, month, year when it should be year, month, day, that's why the order was swapped. Just exchanging the parameters order in the NewDate function should do the trick.

DateTimeToDate(Basket.DateTime) <= DateTimeToDate(AddDays(NewDate(Year(CurrDate()),Month(CurrDate()), 1),-1)) and
DateTimeToDate(Basket.DateTime) >= NewDate(Year(AddMonths(CurrDate(), -1)), Month(AddMonths(CurrDate(), -1)), 1)

Hi Kalmar,

you can try this to get the first and last day of the previous month.

first-day-of-previous-month -> 






from current date, add -1 month and from that get the year and month

the create the new date with the above values plus 1 that is the first day

last-day-of-previous-month -> AddDays(CurrDate(),-Day(CurrDate()))

Note: just subtract the current day from the current date that you will get the last day of the previous month.

Hope it helps you

Best Regards

Hi @Kalmar Martin 

Try this approach


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi Kalmar,

You can try this:

DateTimeToDate(Basket.DateTime) >= NewDate(Year(AddMonths(CurrDate(),-1)), Month(AddMonths(CurrDate(),-1)), 1)
DateTimeToDate(Basket.DateTime) < NewDate(Year(CurrDate()), Month(CurrDate()), 1)

With that you check if your date is equal or greater than the first day of the past month


if your date is less than the first day of the current month.

Hope it helps.


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