the meaning of IntelliWarp

the meaning of IntelliWarp

hi everyone,

Today while I was playing with the service studio and showing to a friend how awesome OutSystems is, I found a problem. I was trying to drag an entity to a web flow (to impress him), and the list screen wasn't being created, after some research through the forum I have found the 'IntelliWarp!
Then I've made a new research for 'intelliwarp' and I've already understood what it does and how it works :D but I haven't found yet a meaning for it, is it a functionality? a new concept like '1-Click publish', what is it? I was trying to explain to a friend what is the IntelliWarp and I just couldn't, something was failing.

any help?
There was a big thread on the new features of 5.1 that explain it in-depth.

Hi João,

Yes, it's tricky to explain :)

The forum topic Justin mentioned is here. Take a look at the last post.


Paulo Tavares
You can also take a look into the IntelliWarp help topic (check the "What's Required for IntelliWarpTM to Work?" for each pattern).
Tiago, while I was searching for Intelliwarp in the forum I found that link, it's good information to understand what does the IntelliWarp, thanks anyway.
Paulo, I will certainly take a look at the topic. Thank you!
Best regards,
João Martins
Ah, I see your question now.

Well, it's a new feature, like 1-Click Publish, yes. The "Intelliwarp" name was derived from the fact that it allows for:

- Very fast development, and
- Things being done automatically, while intelligently, with control.

We joined the two, and got "Intelliwarp" - from Warp-speed development, and Intelligent automation.

I hope this helps :)


Paulo Tavares
Yes it helps :D
That's exactly what I was looking for! now i will be able to explain what is the IntelliWarp.
Thanks one more time
Best Regards,
João Martins