Remark: OutSystems Sample Data Sample_Product

Discover an empty-data Sample_Product entity after download of 'OutSystems Sample Data' module from the Forge.


Hi  Hendrik de Keyser ,

Go to the Forge  in service studio and search  OutSystems Sample Data.   It will show the below result

install the Outsystems Sample Data Module. Now It is completely installed in our service studio.Now Lets use this Data. Create an web app or any web app where you want to implement those sample entity.

Go to manage dependencies or click Ctrl+Q . I am using only one Entity of this module. In Data Tab you can see our Entity. Select -> RightClick -> View Data . Now can preview Employee entity Data of your sample data module. You can check my sample screen where all Data fetched from this sample Employee Entity.

Link - Sample Screen 

Thank you . Hope this help.

Hi Rahul. Have you tried to see what preview data you get when you use Sample_Product instead?  


No record in Sample_Product  Entity. But  DEPRECATED_Sample_Product Entity has Data. You can check it with urself for others Entity too.Thanks.


Hi  Hendrik de Keyser

Try  to Reset All Sample Data by using server action  ResetAllSampleSata. 

Now Sample_Product Entity Data is available.

Thanks .

How can one edit the sample data? I've tried following this guide to download for tweaking and then importing back, but I get a grayed out button. https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/41216/how-to-use-and-or-view-outsystems-sample-data-component-in-forge/

 [OutSystems Sample Data] How to use, and / or view OutSystems Sample Data component in Forge | OutSystems 

I'd love to personalize the DB with custom items for rapid prototyping as opposed to creating a new DB and linking this.

Any ideas/suggestions?



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