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I'm working on this application for a shop. I'm using the excell files he sent me as source for the database. I'm wondering what if I update the app remotely, will hi's database change ?

What is the best practice for remote updates if using excell files?

I was thinking of implementing something like the App could save the database to an excell and send me in an e-mail when I update it, so I don't overwrite his database when I publish.

Something else. I'm really liking this outsystems and wondering if it's easy to get a job for this environment.

Thanks in advance !



Hi Kalmar,

Could you elaborate a bit more on your question?

If you using the excel files he sent me as a source for the database, So he has a different database right?

how can you change his database?

Kind regards,


Hi, Kalmar,

You can bootstrap the excel files as the initial data. Subsequent update, you can offer the other side the following 

1. Screen to update

2. Expose update api from your outsystems app

Hope it helps

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