Loading Server Data Upon app launch

I am trying to modify a mobile app which is set to load from local data upon launching. I would like to change to load from server.

Relevant screen is 'Suppliers'

 I have not done the mobile course as yet - starting tonight; only completed standard web. 

Any assistance would be appreciated in the meantime.



Hi JD, i think for initial launch, you will be able to create a bootstrap from excel. This bootstrap action will be triggered when published for first time.

Hope it helps


That does not make sense bootstrapping an excel because you want to load local data. The bootstrap happens to populate a server side entity. Then you still need to have a local entity and sync logic to populate the local entity.



Sorry, I don't understand what it means "which is set to load from local data upon launching "?

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Yes...Instead of Fetch data from local storage, you can use the fetch data from the Database or Fetch data from Other sources... both are actions to get data from the server


Gonçalo Almeida


Hi JD,

First things first, do the Becoming a Mobile Developer guided path. As the programming model for mobile (reactive) is completely different from Traditional Web and also has some extra concepts you need to learn compared to Reactive Web like, local database, data sync and plugins.

I am 100% sure that you will be able to understand how to set up a local database, populate it with data once you followed the training. That would be a more fun experience, then just try unprepared without knowledge to do it now. 

For success, you need to invest. In this case invest time in studying.



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