Google Font API messes up Rich Widgets

Google Font API messes up Rich Widgets


I'm currently developing an app and I noticed some widgets weren't working. Input Calendar didn't show up as well some Tabs Client Side I had in a screen.

Apart from the usual IntelliWarp stuff all I had changed was the Webscreen style sheet. So I cleared all my styles and still nothing.

Only one thing was left. I was trying to use Google Font API. I had an AddStyleSheetTag action in the screen preparation pointing to the google URL (",300,400,700").

Needless to say, after I removed this action all went back to normal.

You guys need to check this.

Hi João,

Thanks for reporting this. I'll forward this to our product support.

However, from the description of it, I'm not really sure what could be the problem with it. After all, that just adds the stylesheet to your CSS.

What if you paste the Font API stylesheet content to your CSS? Does it still happen?

Do you have a small eSpace where we can replicate this issue? If so, do post it here.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo.

I did a spike with 2 screens.

If you try entry point "With" no calendar popup appears. 

If you try entry point "Without" everything normal.

The only difference between them is the preparation screen.

Hi João,

Thanks a lot for the sample, I could easily reproduce it here.

I consistently get an error

Security error"  code: "1000
Line 1012

Searching for it in Google, it seems that it is a somewhat common error because of the jQuery framework that we use in RichWidgets.

As a workaround in the meanwhile, could you use an unescaped expression with
"<link charset=""UTF-8"" href="",300,400,700"" rel=""stylesheet"" type=""text/css"">"
to achieve the same effect?

Let me know if this works.


Paulo Tavares

P.S. - I attached the No IPP version of the eSpace :)