[Feature Toggle Management] Feature Toggle Management console isn't showing all the environments
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This is a great component, however if the infrastructure has, for example, 3 env. for Dev, Int and Test width more 5 isolation pipelines for PreProd and Prod environments:

 The Feature Toggle Management console in Lifetime in the FT list is only showing up to 7 env.

To configure the FT for the others env. the only way is in the FT detail screen:

Would be great if the FT List screen could have the possibility to see and switch on/off the FT for all environemts.


Best regards,

Miguel Oliveira

Hello, Miguel!

Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback.

Rest assured that we'll look into it and come back with a solution ASAP - but just to confirm that it's a usability bug (FT doesn't allow you to switch toggles on/off at environment level when you have more than 7 environments, because there are environments that are not listed).
You're not blocked, currently, right?


Hi Hernâni,

Yes, currently I'm not blocked. I always have the possibility of switch toggles on/off at FT detail level.



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