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Good afternoon.

Is there a way to send an API response without having to end the flow?


Can you be more specific and give us more details about your use case? You talking about what kind of API?

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Ricardo M Pereira

Sure, thank you.

I am exposing a Rest API that receive a list and does a lot of validitions, when consumed i have always the same exception "The connection has timed out".  I want to be sure that i receive the list to catch the exception. 

Hi anadorotea

If possible, I think you should consider process the list asynchronously. You could receive the data, save on a temporary table and close the transaction/request. Then trigger a BPT (process) on the temp table and process the data.

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Let me see if I understand correctly:

You are exposing (so, is a service that you provide, someone is consuming that), that have an input that is a list?

Or is something different, like, your are consuming an API and it's output is a list?

In the first situation, maybe you can try to debug it while other system is calling it, maybe you can get more information about the process itself.

In the second situation, you can't inspect the "inside" of the call because it's not in your side.

I believe that, in any situation, try to put the logging level of that method as Full and try to understand in the payload of that calls whats really happend. Just enter your module in Service Center, Go to the Integration tab, select your integration and select "Logging Level" to Full. After that, all the calls made will have aditional info in the log registered in service center.

Hope this can help.

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Ricardo M Pereira

Hi @anadorotea

How long does it take before it times out? How big is the list? Is it possible to break the list into smaller batches, temporarily store them then process the entire list once all has been received?


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