[Advanced Excel] Cell_WriteRange Date Formatting
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Can I apply the Date format to a number of columns? 

I have the issue that date is rendered as general and looks like this:

While in the original it is formatted correctly: 

I assumed I could use the NumberFormat attribute of CellFormat_ApplyToRage, however I cant find any documentation on which values I can give this attribute, nor any examples in the Demo app. 

I have tried some values such as "Date" or "ShortDate" but they generate something like this, not the desired result as seen in picture 2:

Also note the "ss" prefixed to the headers, in our environment we are limited to Stable releases only, is there another workaround for this?

Hi Fred.

Related to the date formatting I faced the same issue and the solution was to apply a custom date format to the cells and works for me.

Related to the prefix, already exists another topic: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/59112/advanced-excel-all-headers-are-prefixed-with-ss/


´Gonçalo Almeida

Care to share what custom date format you used?

I am familiar with the thread about the ss prefix, that's why I specifically pointed out we are restricted to Stable releases and can not install an "Under Development" version.

Cheers, Fred


Hi Fred,

In my case, i use the following celltype "Text" and my cellvalue is formatted using FormatDateTime buit in function


I am using the Cell_WriteRange action because I'm basically converting 5 JSON files to an excel sheet each and adding those together in one workbook. The flow is slow enough as it is, I don't think it would be beneficial to use Cell_WriteByIndex in my case

If you can share the Json where this issue is it would be more helpful to see the use case.


Gonçalo Almeida

It starts with a multi-sheet Excel that gets converted into a record for every sheet:

The full JSON files for TestSet 7 are attached in a single file:


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