Wan to apply CSS on Run time on List widgets
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Hello All,

Can anyone help me on the below snap.

I wan, if i click on the Complete (Radio Button) i wan to apply some CSS on the text (Meeting) in the same way when i click on the In-process (Radio Button) wan to apply  some css on the text.

I have applied JavaScript code as mention below.

JS Code :  $(".Container").css("background-color", "Yellow");

But giving error like "$ is not define" as mention in the below image

Can anyone help me with the steps or OML will also be helpful ..

NOTE:- i wan to apply this logic in the List widgets.

Hi ,

You can do it in following way,

1. Create a local variable of boolean type with default value false  and in radio button's action change it to true .

2. Create a css class of 



color : green !important;


3.Add style class of  meeting's label or expression like this,

IF(Boolean variable, "myclass","Your default class here") 

4. same for client meeting and standupcall,



Hello Komal,

Thanks for your reply. 

The code is working, but the issue is that when i click on the any radio button the condition apply  to all the display list expressions text. I dont wan that..

Each row should have different status to display. 


Yes because it's reactive, you need to use different variables for different radio buttons, that will work,


You can use if condition in style classes property of your text. Use appropriate condition and it will apply style only in case you select specific value.

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