Not able to create New reactive web APP in DEV
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.15 (Build 40206)

I am not able to create new Reactive or Traditional Application in on prem dev environment.

Even I am not able to create all via service studio in dev Server It shelf.

I have already cheeked with belwo value and all are set well.

  • maxAllowedContentLength;
  • maxRequestEntityAllowed;
  • uploadReadAheadSize;

Can any one help in this regards help us  alot.


Hi Viral,

First, I would not think your problems are related specifically to Reactive Web, or are you able to successfully create a new mobile or traditional web app?

Second, did you check your network connection (speed)? You have no internet connectivity issues with other applications?

Check the Service Studio preferences, are the defaults show as here? 

Can you access your environment with Service Center? Can you check the Environment Health?

Another thing you can try is to start with a clean configuration of Service Studio:

  1. Go to C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\OutSystems
  2.  Rename ServiceStudio 11.0 to ServiceStudio 11.0.BAK

Finally, always in these situations press the Submit Feedback button, so that the error can be reported to OutSystems (although if network connection is the problem, this might be a problem).



Dear  Daniël Kuhlmann

  1.  I am getting error in reactive as well as Traditional also.
  2. Connection speed is good enough 1Gbps as this is on Premises server and we are working on LAN own WAN. even i am not able to create in app in service studio which is installed on dev platform only. so i Guess speed or connectivity should not be an issue.
  3. Service studio preference is fine.
  4. Service center health center is also fine.
  5. Clean service studio also not working.

Viral Joshi


While awaiting tthat maybe someone else on the forum has some suggestions to fix this you can open a support case to OutSystems using this link:

Hi Viral,

If you already have minimum required software/hardware configuration on your machine with good internet speed and still not able to open application in Service Studio, please check this link. It might be you were also having the issue due to graphics drivers. Please check it once.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin,

I have minimum requirement and also after few time some times i am bale to create app but chances are 1 out of 25 attempts. 

As you suggested regarding intel graphics tweak, It should not be problem because we have mix of hardware where service studio installed and it is not working in any service studio. we are not using 11 gen processor and iris graphics.

If this is the case, then it would be better to open a support case with OutSystems to look into your problem with SS.

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