Survey: corporate gamification
Hello, my name is Claudia, and I am a student at IPCB (Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco). I invite you to answer this short questionnaire about gamification in companies. It's for all world :)
It has a maximum of 14 questions and an average response time of 3 minutes.
It is completely confidential.

Thank you all!


Hi Claudia, will you also share results of this survey?

Hello! I can do that :) I'll post the results here.

Hi Claudia,

I volunteer to participate in the survey. However, it looks like the English one is also loading in some other language.



Never mind, it was just the labels of the buttons. completed it.


i did the English version, and it was in English

Yes, the contents are in English, but not the submit buttons.

Thank you for your participation!
My apologies, the platform is not perfect (not use outsystems xD ) I can not change submit buttons.

:D That's why we should use OutSystems. The platform enables the Multilingual Applications out of the box.

Come on guys! Only 6 answers?

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