[Case Management framework] workflow builder managing user roles in the converted project
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I have converted a simple workflow builder application to a service studio application to do some customization on it in the development environment. My application is related to submitting business requests to IT users hierarchy but the roles will not depend on a static group of users. 

A brief description of my application flow: Anyone can do a business request with specifying the IT owner of the request, the specified IT owner should be able to receive and manage the request and then submit it to his manager, his manager account can be found from his active directory details 

My application is using LDAP authentication and it is working fine. My concern is changing the workflow builder mechanism from using group roles to our customized flow. I explored the configuration tables in service studio which are generated from the workflow builder and they seem a bit complicated. I need a hint to start changing the flow to fit my needs. I checked the case management and workflow documentation and I didn't find something that could help. 


Hello Kawthar Ebrahim,

Let me first try to see If I understood the use case. The application starts with a submission of a request that will go to a first manual task for an IT owner. The desired outcome is that after this step you would create a second manual task and the owner would be the "manager" of the IT owner of the first manual task.

If this is the case, in the Case Management framework you have the possibility to configure and set the user hierarchy. Please check the following actions:

  • UserExtended_GetById - As input parameter it receives an user identifier. If the user hierarchy is set it will return the corresponding user if of the manager as an output parameter.  action details here
  • UserExtended_CreateOrUpdate - enables to configure the user hierarchy for each user and set the corresponding "manager" (user id).  action details here

If you have this information set, on the Human Activity in your BPT process and on the onReady f the desired activity you will need to:

- Instead of using the action GetRequesterManager, use the action UserExtended_GetById where you set as input the IT user, and an output you will receive in the ManagerUserID the user you will want to set in the action Activity_AssignToUser.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much Pedro, this is great. Using the Activity_AssignToUser enables assigning the activity to any user even without depending on the UserExtended table. I am getting the manager of the IT user from the active directory directly without storing it in the UserExtended because I don't want any type of caching. 

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