Validation/ server action for upload visibility button
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Traditional Web, Reactive

I am working on a form, at the beginning of the form the customer is asked to upload a file, once they upload the file they will then select the upload button, however the upload widget button should only be visible when a file has been uploaded. 

How am I able to put the logic on the upload button to only be visible when the client has uploaded a file?


You can create a local variable to flag if the file has been uploaded or not. 

Set the Visible property of the button as the variable created.

Thanks for your response, if I've understood correctly, I create a local variable e.g. Isupload. On the upload button in the visible property set it to the local variable- 

If my understanding is correct I will try this now

Right. Don't forget to assign the True value to IsUpload after the upload is completed and refresh the container where the button is.

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