[FullCalendar Reactive] Multiple Business Hours
Forge component by André Cabral
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.15 (Build 40206)


I want to view multiple business hours in the ResourceTimeLine view, so I implemented multiple business hours for by resource. For example, Monday to Wednesday - 8H to 17H and Thursday to Friday - 15H to 23H for a resource, other resource with another business hour.

In Docs of Fullcalendar component says its possible with an array:

I implemented with array in Business Hours and It's ok, appears the correct information, but when I drag and drop an event to a resource it doesn't invoke the "CalendarEventDrop" action and doesn't save the change. If I implement a single business hour it already invoke the "CalendarEventDrop" action when I drag and drop an event to a resource. But I need multiple business hours. I don't find the source of this problem. Can you please help me?


Hi Walter,

It seems this question is about a Forge component. Can you please tell us which one?

Hello Kilian,

My question is about FullCalendar Reactive of Forge component.

I inserted my question from the support of this component.



Weird, it wasn't marked as such. I've moved it. Thanks.

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