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I have two questions regarding Configuring the hierarchy integration section in workflow builder

- What this documentation is trying to achieve is great but the steps that should be done by IT users are not clear at all. I created a flow that depends on requester user approval and I enabled the hierarchy switch to enable the end-users hierarchy capability in the workflow builder. What should I do now for specifying the hierarchy and specifying who is the manager of whom? There are some steps mentioned in the documentation regarding using the Case_Configurations_API from Case Management Framework but it is not clear at all where these steps can be used? do I have to convert the app to service studio to use these APIs ? are these APIs related to specifying the hierarchy and the managers? there is a sample user in the app built by workflow builder, I am not sure how this sample user is configured to be the manager of the requester. 

 - second question is can this approach in workflow used for assigning a task for a user that will be specified dynamically, in my flow the requester need to specify the user who is going to handle his request, the specified user will handle the request and then he will send it to his manager to confirm .. I don't how this can be achieved using workflow builder and case management converted project. 


Hi Kawthar Ebrahim,

For assigning task to next level you can do like this,

1. After creating the request from requester, you can change the status of task,  for e.g. pending 

2. After that create a If statement which says if the status is pending then assign to Manager else end

3. After the manager's task, change the status of task  to submitted or you can also add assignment rule in manual task itself 

4. If you change the status to submitted then add if after manual task same like step 2 

5. or in manual task create Assignment rule like this,

Hope this help,



Thank you dear for your response but I don't know how it is related to my question, you mentioned basic steps regarding conditional assigning of tasks to groups and my question is related to Configuring the hierarchy integration of users. If you are trying to answer the second question it is related to a user that will be specified at run time to handle the request. 

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