Not able to select item from dropdown search in mobile application
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Hello Experts,

I am using dropdown search widget in mobile application. 

I can see the values in list but when I select any value it not showing as selected one. I can see empty text even though I have selected item from dropdown. 

Note: Same code is working for desktop. Only facing issue with mobile and tablet.

See the below code:

Hi Nayana Sonawane,

I tried to replicate your scenario and I was able to use the DropdownSearch widget but found an issue while testing using the Preview of Outsystems. But using my own device or accessing the app on the browser without the Outsystems Preview worked.

Was that your case? Were you using the Outsystems Preview to test the app?

Attached is the sample that I've used to test.


Hi @Patrícia Glória Ferreira ,

I was testing in outsystems preview. In preview it is not working but I just tested on mobile, I can select value and it showing in dropdown.

Thank you for your help.



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