Upload excel to automatically create entities with relationships?

How to upload an excel to automatically create entities with relationships automatically?

For example, an excel with two sheets "Case" and "Staff".

"Case" contains "Case Title",.... "Case Staff"
"Staff" contains "Staff Name", "Staff Email".

I wish when I use "Import New Entities from Excel" feature, the interface created with have a Case Form that has a dropdown list in the "Case Staff" field, so that user can only select a known Staff from the "Staff" entity.

Is that possible?

I have tried to define the data validation relationships in Excel, hoping that Outsystem will recognise them, but it didnt work.

Attached excel file used.

Demo interface automatically created by the excel entities:

Expected: "Case Staff" field is automatically a dropdown from "Staff" sheet.
Actual: "Case Staff" field is a string field.

I understand I can possible achieve this by manipulating the project interfaces and logic flows manually, but I am hoping there's a way that these relationships are automagically imported by excel file?


thanks, happy to see a response from sg


Hi Terrence,

Those kind of relationships are not imported nor automatically nor automagically :)

But you can tweak our code to that in a very simple way.

1. Make sure your entity Case has a Staff Identifier field, not a text.

2. On your bootstrap, first import the sheet Staff to your table Staff.

3. On the bootstrap of your sheet Case, when you are looping through the excel lines, before calling the Create record action, make a query on the Staff entity to match the Name attribute to the Case Staff column in your excel. Use an assign, to have the attribute StaffId of your Case record to now have the id of your query.

4. On your create / edit case screen, make a query to get the records on your entity Staff. Replace the input by a drropdown with the StaffId from your GetCaseById query as a variable and on the List property, fill the query of your entity staff.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the clarifications, will definitely digest and follow ur instructions.

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