Do you know why the delete is not working?

I have a screen ReportList with a table  of the created reports and also a ReportDetail to create/edit reports. 

In the ReportList screen, below the table, there is a link "Add Sections" to add sections to the report. This link shows a popup to create a section for the report. On the table with the created sections for the report there is a button "Delete" that calls the RemoveSection and passes the SectionId. 

In the RemoveSection the DeleteSetion entity aciton is called and it shows "Section deleted with sucess". However the section is not removed. Do you know what can be the issue?


Hello Peter,

Hope you're doing well.

Unfortunately, without seeing the code, it is hard to tell what's going on.

Did you try to debug your RemoveSection action to see what's happening? Perhaps you're not passing the correct SectionId value for the DeleteSection entity action.

You need to make sure that the SectionId corresponds to the specific Section that you want to delete.

Can you share your OML file?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Peter,

If possible share your OML  or screen shot of action to look into it,

Also, If you have foreign key in your table then please check the delete rule property of it,

Hope this help,

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Hi @Peter Anderson 

Check in the service center if there is some error logged regarding the deleting action.


Gonçalo Almeida

Hello @Peter Anderson,

Purely based on the details in your post, it is quite possible that the section does indeed get deleted but the parent control (table widget) is not being refreshed. You can confirm this scenario if after the delete, you reload the screen, and the section disappears. 

If this is the case, then you may use Ajax Refresh to refresh just the table widget that holds all the sections. A helpful link would be - Use Ajax to Refresh Part of a Screen - OutSystems 



Hi Peter,

Can you please attach any screen shot or share OML for understanding the main issue. 

Or if it's not possible than you can try to debug your code.

Add a breakpoint on your delete button action and check whether the correct Id is going or not. 

Hope it will be helpful for you.



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