Mapping Excel Data to Entity for Bootstrap

Mapping Excel Data to Entity for Bootstrap

I have my legacy data that I am trying to bootstrap into an application.  After selecting the file:
  1. Most of the FK columns are not mapped, and the error indicates that I need a data type of XXX Identifier instead of integer.  How to you define an Identifier data type in Excel?
  2. Boolean columns in the entity do not map to the excel columns of the same name.  I have tried true/false, 1/0 and none of these work to have it map the dat correctly
What am I missing in this bootstrap process?  If I can't get these entities mapped, how do I convert from my legacy platform?

BTW - I am coming from SQL 2008, so if there's an easier way, I'm all for it.
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If I understand your question, I tryed in version and looks good to me (look at the attached oml), but you have another way...

You can create a structure like your excel data, and set the foreign keys and booleans like integers. Iterate the structure and assign the data in a record of you entity type, and convert the data to EntityRefInteger and Boolean with IntegerToEntityRefInteger() and IntegerToBoolean().

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I'll try the attachment, but the part I'm struggling with is that if the DB is SQL, and the column is int/auto-inc, then why can't it simply load the data.  For that matter, why couldn't I just load the data through SSIS?  The process you describe seems overly complex for just loading data from a spreadsheet.
Hi John, and welcome to our forums.

Actually, I just saw the other post of yours as well, so I would hope that fixing this issue would also solve the other one... right?

To start things off, where is your legacy data held? In a database, or in an Excel spreadsheet? If it is in a database, you could try to integrate with that specific database and use it there.

Still, regarding importing the Excel file, Nuno did explain the two alternatives about how to do it. If you want to learn more about it, however, I recommend you have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Remember to define the entity with the restrictions you want. Also, when you insert a record in the database, of autonumber data type, you do not specify the number - SQL Server decides it for you.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Thanks for the pointers.  I didn't realise that these bootstrap actions were essentially like SSIS packages.  I was thinking it was less flexible.  I have working imports now thanks to you folks.