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I want to convert an integer to dd:hh:mm format.
For example, value=392. This should be returned as 00:06:32 (00=day, 06= hour, 32= minute).
Thanks in advance!

Check if this works


Basically what I did was to use the function to create a new Time "00:00:00" and add to it 392 minutes.... Does that solves your problem?

Its giving me in hh:mm:ss format. I want the same in dd:hh:mm format, i.e. I want it to convert in day:hours:minutes (format dd:hh:mm)

Hi @Ananya Ghoshal 

You need to build a function that will convert from int to DateTime and the you need to convert the DateTime to days.

Check here if it's the expected behavior:

You can check the code in the oml attached.


Gonçalo Almeida


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