[OneSignal Plugin] Correct architecture of the OneSignal module.
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
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I've noticed that the architecture of the OneSignal application is incorrect.

All the data and functions are in the OneSignalAPI (Top level module) and the Library module is consuming that.

Would be nice that the applications delivered by OutSystems are correctly implemented so people can use them for learning (displaying best-practise) etc.


Thanks Peter for bringing this to attention. I've asked OutSystems to take a look at it.

Hi Peter,

I took a peek at the component and I'm assuming that a change in the module name would solve it, in this case the module that consumes the OneSignal's REST API should be called OneSignal_IS.

Is this what you are referring to or am I missing something else?

Just want to make sure I've got everything right before I pass this feedback to the team.

Nonetheless, thank you for reporting this and yes I agree with you - applications delivered by OutSystems should be the example for other developers to learn.

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