Many to many Aggregate filter - only if all items are true
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I'm creating a recruiting app for my team to use.

In this app we have 2 major entities - Positions and Applicants. Between those, we have a junction table as an applicant can apply to multiple positions (we call those interactions).

In the "Position Details" screen, I want to display of all the relevant applicants - that have passed all the former interactions for this position (a static entity).

I can't wrap my head around how do I do that...

If my table looks like:

In this case, I don't want to show "Adam Field" at all as he has an interaction that is in question, not just passed ones.

I thought I can create a text string from a group in an aggregate and make sure that the is nothing but "Pass" but I can't find something like that.

Best regards, Adam.

Hello Adam,

I hope that I had understand well your use case, please let me know if this solution fit your needs.

Best regards, 

Sofia Melo

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