[Data Grid Web] Not able to set selectionMode property in data grid
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Hi Team,

I need to set the selection mode in data grid as 'ListBox', I tried setting it using the advance options property of data grid but it was taking the default mode only i.e. 'CellRange'.

So, I tried replacing the JS code of the gridframework attached below :

To this :

and it worked.

In the current version code if we provide the selectionMode it was taking the default setting 'CellRange' only and if the selectionMode is not provided then it takes the defined selectionMode. 

I guess this needs to be addressed in the next update of the forge component.


Dhanashri Jaiswal


Hi @Dhanashri Jaiswal ,

Can you please check the attached oml.

Please find the code I have placed in advanceformat value.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla


Hi @Manish Jawla,

I have also used the same advance settings but it's not working for me. Please find below screenshot of it :


Hi @Dhanashri Jaiswal ,

can you please share the oml.


Manish Jawla

Hello @Dhanashri Jaiswal 

Unfortunately we do not support ListBox for selectionMode, currently only None and CellRange are supported options. 

And forcing ListBox can end up with undesired issues.

Sorry for the bad news.

Ricardo Valim

Hello @Ricardo Valim 

Thanks for the update. Does this function will come in  future updates of the component?

And do you have any other ways by which I can achieve this because we really don't want to customize the component and we need this functionality too for our current project.


Dhanashri Jaiswal  

Hello @Ricardo Valim,

I would really appreciate the help for this functionality. Do we have some work around for this?

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