Sum of particular columns together from 1 row and update field in this record (Total
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I have table that I need to add up (sum) of columns and update the row with the total .

In the row.. I want to select Question1, Question2, Question3  ... to Question16 and add all those together (SUM) and update field "Correct" with the results.

Note (Question1-Question16) is an integer.  and "Correct" is also an Integer

Can you help me create this?

Thanks in Advance!!


Hi Dan,

You can't use sum, But you can create SQL like below.

UPDATE  {GreadedForms} SET {GreadedForms}.[Correct] = {GreadedForms}.[Question1]  +  {GreadedForms}.[Question2]  + ... + [Question16] 

Kind Regards,


That is good.. but this is not working yet.. I know I am missing something.

I have a input on ID as I will run this action with a loop to be able to do each row

Can you see anything else that I am missing  (for now I am just adding question1 and question2 for simplistic)

Got it... this is what works... Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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