Changing PK to Autonumber after data load

Changing PK to Autonumber after data load

I loaded my data with the Excel import.  Now I need to activate auto-inc on the PK's so new rows get an ID, but I'm getting this error on all of my tables:

Database Upgrade Error

Field 'OSUSR_bmg_PrimaryKeyColumnName' exists in database as Integer. Attribute types can not be changed to Autonumber.

How do I get the table to auto-number when there is data present.  I tried loading from excel with the PK already set to Auto-number, but it would never map the column in the import screen.
Hi John,

That seems like a SQL Server error in converting from integer to autonumber.

I suggested a way for you to import the data in another topic, which I hope helps you achieve what you are looking for.

However, if it doesn't, I would ask you to post here the full error stack, so we can take a better look at it. There might be a way to do it - even if you have to go to SQL Server.


Paulo Tavares