Getting Error while Import the Entities in Integration Studio

When i try to import the Entites from the server i got the Error which  was in Attachment.While i goto the service centre i get only 3 menu as visible Home,Factory and Monitoring.Remaining Menu are Visible False.

Please give the solution to solve the Error.

And Also while i m tring to Access the service Center i got the same error.Please see the attachment

Error Reteriving the servers: ssServicecenter.ExcptIntegrationstudio:Invalid Column Name 'ALLOW_SEO_Management'.
Can you provide more information?

What sort of database you are trying to integrate with?
Can you give an overview of the table-structure where the affected column is from?
If you change the name of that specific column, do you still get the error?

Hi Devaraj,

The error you are getting seems to be an Agile Platform one. What kind of environment are you using, and have you set it up?

In that specific server, what license do you have? Have you installed the community edition, or a different one?

Service Center only shows you 3 tabs most likely because the user you're logging in as doesn't have permissions to view the rest of them. If you login as admin, can't you see more tabs? If you do, then it's just a matter of giving the respective roles and permissions to the other login.

Regarding the error you are getting, how did you set up that server, namely Service Center? Did you install the Agile Platform Community Edition, or did you do it by hand?

If you did it by hand, I do recommend you execute the following steps:

- Execute the Platform Server Configuration Tool. You can access it under Start Menu > OutSystems > Administration Tools;
- Click the "Upgrade Database" button;
- Click the "Ok" button, and restart the services;
- Execute the SCInstall command, in your Platform Server hard disk folder. That should upgrade the database schema.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares