Use Google Maps name of location instead on Google Maps link/coordinates

Hi everyone. We are currently making a mobile app which has a feature where whenever a specific button is clicked, a message with the Google Maps link of current location is sent to a specific mobile number which is currently working. Now what we want to do is instead of the Google Maps link of the current location, we want the name of the place specifically to be picked up. For example, the name of the restaurant or street or the name of the place on the map. This is the GDrive link of our .oap for reference. And yes we have Google Maps API Key



Hi Aryanne,

There are several forge components which expose the kind of action you are looking for: GetCoordinatesToAddress. For instance, Utilities Google Maps Actions component exposes such action which can help you translating the coordinates to an address (the output is a series of address components with different types that you can work with - e.g. zip code, street name, name of the place, etc.).

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