[Sortable AF] Sortable Flickering
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Forge component by Greg Whitten
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I'm using this widget on a project and I'm having a flickering bug.

I'm using the Sortable AF four times:

one for Name1, one for Name2, one for Name3 and one for the Outside.

The problem is when I try to add the Name2 on an empty Name1, it starts flickering because he doesn't know if it goes to Name1 or to Outside.

I create the Outside because the Name2 can be outside of the Name1. If I remove the Outside sortable, it works fine, but I really need the Outside sortable too.

Another issue that I see it's when the Name1 have a Name2 inside, I can drag & drop another Name2 easily without any flicker.

He only do the flickering when Name1 it's Empty.

And I found that it's more easy to add Name2 inside Name1 if the Name1 have the "+" icon because I can expand the accordion, but the propose it's removing the "+" if the List it's empty...

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot.


Interesting, I did not consider the nested sortable use case.  Can you share an OML the reproduces the issue?  I can add it to the backlog.

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