Desktop site is loaded on ipad
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Traditional Web

Hi All,

I have developed an traditional web app which is working fine on desktop and phone but on ipad I am facing a issue i.e if the Request Desktop site is enabled in the settings of Safari the desktop and mobile both view are getting loaded due to which all things are getting distorted and if Request Desktop site is disabled the mobile site is loaded which is working fine.

My issue is in Ipad by default the Request Desktop Site is enabled and the user has to manually disable it if he wants mobile view. I want that user should not change the setting of safari i.e even if the Request desktop site is enabled, mobile site should be loaded. 

So how should I proceed on this and what is the trigger point by which if request desktop site is enabled in Ipad, OS loads desktop site. Which module is responsible for that? 


Hi Kaustubh,

I assume you are using OutSystems UI?

I am using a custom theme (Vanilla theme) for my portal

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