[Html2PdfConverter] HtmlToPdfConverter
Forge component by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hi Guys,

the HtmlToPdfConverter returns me an empty binary. I try test with your examples / samples pages, and I've the same result.

Can you help me?

Thnak you

Hello Miguel,

Please try the following example. In your button click action to generate the PDF, please try the following 2 steps:

1. Pass the URL (first screenshot) and 

2. ensure you have the correct Mime-Type (second screenshot)

Clicking the button you should then be able to generate a PDF that looks like this:

If you still have questions, I can provide the oml for this simple test. Alternatively if you provide your oml it will be faster to unblock you. Let me know how it goes, happy coding!



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