Which one should I select “Start from scratch” or “start from an app” while building?

Which one should I select “Start from scratch” or “start from an app” while building my first app?

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You can start from both ,

Start from scratch : Will not provide you default layout or default screen design .

Start from an app : Will provide you some basic or default designs .

Vivek P

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Start from Scratch :

If you are building a new application from scratch and don't need existing outsystems templates or have to use basic theme or your own customization, you can click on Start from Scratch.
Start from App :
There are leverage a collection of existing apps in Service Studio to get you started. It allows for quick customization, by reusing existing patterns or simply extending the app according to your needs.


Hello Tester, 

If you are just starting your OutSystems journey and building your first app, then I would recommend following this link and all the topics therein -https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Getting_started 

It will take you through understanding the differences between a Reactive app, Mobile app and a Traditional app and guide you on how to build each of those applications. I believe it will give you a great first impression of OutSystems and its capabilities.

I would suggest you bookmark the link so you can go back it as you progress. Happy coding!


Akshay Deshpande

Hi Tester,

Along with all of the above answers, please check the following link,


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