System table to store the structure's attributes information.

Hi All,

Do we have any system entity to like Entity_Attr to store the structure's attributes information, if no then 

Is there a way to do so?


Rajendra Singh


Short answer: No...

Bit longer answer: The system entities exist for the system to be able to validate which table &attribute in the database connects to which entity & attribute in the OML. Since structures don't exist in the database, there is not such a table in the database.

The structures are only available within the OML and the system will generate the needed code from that source.

When you want to have a database table that has this information, you have to create and maintain it yourself, which is nearly impossible when you work in a team and somebody changes a value in one of your structures and forgets, who will spot this?

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Remco Dekkinga

Thanks a lot Remco.

Rajendra Singh

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