Which app type do I choose?


When creating my first app it askes me to start from scratch or start from an app?

Which one should I choose and why?




Welcome to OutSystems, Bradley.

Take a look in Getting Started.

Your first app

To create your first app in Service Studio you can: 

  • Run a built-in interactive tutorial. In Service Studio, open the Help menu and select Build an App in 5 minutes tutorial to start and interactive tutorial. 
  • Follow step-by-steps tutorials. Check out the tutorials about how to create a mobile app or how to create a web app.
  • Start from an existing sample app. Create a new app in Service Studio and choose Start from an app to see the collection of the prebuilt apps.

Creating a new app in OutSystems

Hi Bradly, 

Before posting question in forum please search such questions in forum, this is repetitive question in last few days,

Check this post,




I was instructed to post this question by outsystems themselves on a research survey by UserTesting

since a couple of days, newly created users ask exactly the same question on this forum.

I was wondering if this was part of some fishing scam, but couldn't quite get how one would benefit ;-)

Can one of the MVP's maybe check with Outsystems what they are surveying or testing here ??  I like to help real people with real questions, this kind of stuff kind of makes me feel like staying away from the forum for a while.


I was instructed to post this question by outsystems themselves on a research survey by UserTesting


I understood that much from your reply to Komal.  Of course, you just did what you were asked, I get that.

The point here is, that I like to spend some time outside my day job on the forum contributing and learning, and don't have much appetite for fielding fake questions.  


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