Updating a record with the Update entity action takes 11596 ms to complete
Service Studio Version
11.9.0 (Build 32955)

Hi All,

Currently in the application we have an action which is used to anonimyze personal data in the database. This action is placed in a service action and is called from an external system. 

The action goes like this:

1. Via an aggregate retrieve the specific records

2. Loop through them via a for each loop

3. Assign the "" to fields like name etc.

4. Assign the emptied record to a local variable of the same structure

5. Update the record with the Current record from the aggregate (update entity action)

6. Log the changes

7. Assign the number of rows affected + 1

The update entity action for 1 record takes as specified in the title 11596 ms to complete, which logs it as a slow sql and is probably the cause of the timeout that terminates the action; "Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The statement has been terminated". Eventually the record does show to be updated in the database.

Any ideas what may cause an update entity action to take so long and any ideas how to fix this?

Hi Bar Orizande,

The action has a default limit of 10 sec for the timeout, that's why you have that value. Did you already debugged ? Did you check if your loop is just going on forever and causing the timeout ? Can you share the OML ? 

Hi Romero,

I did debug and the loop is not going on forever, the update action takes a while and when it hits the logging and assign it timeouts. For the first record it worked like expected but the second one was the problem. I unfortunately can't share the OML. But i can provide a visual presentation

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