How to link popup editor for two action create and edit as it ask for one id?
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I have List of Department Screen with edit acttion on each record and also on same page i have create link.

Now I have implemented popup editor for create link then how to use same popup editor for edit button.

as popup editor we have to link one id .if i linkeed create link id there then how to link edit link id?


Hello Priya,

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So your popup is a different screen and it will receive a DepartmentId as an input parameter, correct?

If it is a new record (create), you will have to pass it as NullIdentifier(). If it is an edit action (edit), you will have to pass the correct DepartmentId, in that case, GetDepartments.List.Current.DeparmentId.

In the popup editor, you will need to pass the Id of the Widget (Link or Button) that is used to open/show the popup.

Please check this documentation that may help you:

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas

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