I d/l and installed the google maps solution, which hosed RichWidgets and consequenty my application (missing images and other things).  How do I get back to where I was before I installed the goole stuff and get my app working?  I'm running the current version of Studio - 5.1.*
Hi John

If I understand your question, you published a old version of Richwidgets (Version 4.2.7)

You can go to your service studio and republish the latest version of Richwidgets (I think is the Version 5.1.8).

After that you need to refresh all eSpaces with RichWidgets references.

I hope you've helped.

Best Regards
Been there, done that :)

You actually need to revert two components back. RichWidgets and HTTPRequestHandler. Both can easily be reverted to their original in the Service Center -> Factory -> eSpaces area.

As for the Google Maps component, the installation is still possible but a little more hands on. This is based on information in another google maps thread.

Download the solution and extract it to a directory somewhere using the solution tool.

- Load and upgrade Mathhelper.xif with the integration studio and publish from there.
- Load and upgrade the GoogleMarkers.xif with the integration studio and publish from there
- Load and upgrade the GoogleMaps.oml in service studion and ... publish from there
- Load and upgrade the GoogleMaps_Sample.oml in service studio and ... you guessed it ... publish from there.

I assume it is safe to ignore the warnings left open in 'truechange' in the last file.

Have gotten this far myself, and the sample works now with no degradation to my richwidgets or httprequesthandler. Now if only I could get the map to show in my own app.

I have same problem.

I install the style guide in richwidgets version 5.0.13, and my project is in version 5.1.11.
I revert the richwidgets to version 5.1.11?