Issue deserializing Nested Json


Im creating a Json like below in JS

So here , Value of RecordJson is also json value , so when i try to deserialize in OS i receiving below  err.

Below is what JSON which im trying to deserialize

Note: I would need to  store the RecordJson value as a string in a OS structure attribure.

 I created the OS structure based on the JSON oly.

Please share your thoughts.


Hello pasupathi vadivel

For deserializing Nested Json, you use this component from the forge Link

Here am adding logic on how to deserializing recursive JSON 

I hope this is going to help you 

Hi Srini,

I need to store the entire inner JSON as a string into RecordJson (datatype: text) structure attr .I do not have any specific structure to map the innerJSON.

Is there any way to store that inner JSON as a string by deserializing to text type structure.

(Without using FORGE components)


Hi Srini,

Like below i need to have the data.

I'm using JSON2recordlist action .

Issue Fixed , Thanks for your reply

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