How to integrate eNets payment gateway to Outsystems web application
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.17 (Build 40598)
Platform Version
11.11.1 (Build 29104)


I have a requirement to integrate eNet Payment Gateway to Outsystems  Web Application,please help on this concern.

Thank You.



Hi Bhagya,

Normally Payment Gateways provide a detailed documentation regarding the integration steps. Didn't you receive any such documents from eNet team? If not please ask them.

Generally there are a lot of steps for integrating payment gateways. They can be integrated by APIs or custom plugins developed in .Net or can also be a combination of these two. Also they have their unique encryption logics, keys and endpoints. All these are provided by them in a well documented way. So, the best thing will be to follow their documentations first

Hope this helps.



Hi Shounak, 

Thanks for the reply,let me ask for the detailed documentation as u suggested.your answer gave me an idea abt it.

Thanks again.



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