Stop Reactive app retry connection during debug
Application Type
Reactive, Service

I'm currently trying to debug a Service Action called from a Reactive application. I start the debug in the module containing the Service Action with the Entry Module set to (this module) and start to debug. Everything is ok and I'm able to debug the action. But...

Since the debug will take some time the calling website (my Reactive application) will notice a timeout and reattempt the connection. It will do this 2 times. Both these retry will become a new thread in my debug session and really mess up the workflow when you are not stepping through the actions but using big jumps by setting multiple breakpoints and using the play button to jump through sections of your code. 

My question is, does anyone know if you can turn off the retry mechanism. I have looked in the "OnException" flow but only the notification that a connection error occurred is triggered here. Not the retry itself. 

An alternative would be by creating a REST and call that with Postman for instance but that is also cumbersome and I would rather not do that. 

Hi Vincent,

Sometimes in the past this happened to me 

I fixed or minimize this issue with this one onnection per request in Service Studio preferences.

Hi Cesar,

I'll try that but I suspect that it will not work because I'm debugging a service action and the connecting application (although an Outsystems application) doesn't know that I'm debugging.



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